Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend/Foot update.

Don't you just love my stylish new footwear? I don't :( Maybe it need bedazzling or some candy stick lane influence. Hey Renee, I have to wear this for 2 more weeks, any suggestions? She's super talented, surely she'll have some ideas for sprucing up the ugly thing. :)

So I went to the Dr Friday morning, had some X-rays done, and the conclusion: No breaks just torn and ruptured ligaments. Apparently those can be just as bad as a break, so I ended up in a orthopedic shoe after all. I was really hoping the dr would tell me to stay off of it and let my family wait on me hand and foot like I do for them... but No. He gave me this nifty shoe to support my bum foot as I use it and told me to rest it. What an oxymoron!

So Friday after the dr I picked up my prescription and headed back to the house. When Mike came home for lunch he cracked up at my new shoe. I asked him if he thought it was sexy and he said no. He should have said yes but I guess he was just being honest. Darn you honesty! He thinks it hilarious that I have to wear it for two weeks and didn't even break anything.

Saturday morning we headed out to Midland in search of good chinese food, a game case for Mike, and a new asian market I found using google. Using the GPS on my phone we hunted down the chinese restauraunt only to find it was closed. It was a bummer but we ended up at the mall food court and got chinese anyways. It was good, but not out of this world. I wasn't really into shopping at the mall so we left there and went to best buy. My husband has this beast of a truck that he has to park far away from everything. So far in fact that I was cranky just having to walk into best buy. By the time we got inside I was too pissy to really look around. Mike picked up the 10th season of Married with Children and we left. I should have just stayed in the truck.

Afterwards we headed to the asian market. IT was this tiny little place, the owners were rude and they didn't even have what I was looking for. They did have a few things I was interested in, but don't use all the time, so I didn't get anything. I was clearly disappointed.

Mike still hadn't found a case to hold both his DS and PSP so the search continued as soon as we got back to Odessa. Wal mart didn't have what he wanted so we decided to go to Target. ( I heart Target) Target did have the perfect case so he picked that up and I found some nutrogena for my face and we left.

The rest of the day was a blur. I took my pain meds and was pretty out of it allnight. Sunday Mike went to hang out with a friend, I dropped mom off to see Harry Potter and I took the girls grocery shopping.

This morning my friend and Maia's kindergarten Teacher Janine came and stole my kids for the day. She offered them a little job helping her get her classroom decorated before school starts. They love her so it was no question they'd want to do it.

I'm going to quietly enjoy my cup of coffee and ice my foot in silence. Have a fabulous Monday everybody. See you tomorrow!

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oh man...that stinks, but two weeks will fly by ;)