Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My dogs crack me up!

I have the funniest dogs! My boys Penn and Teller definitely live up to their names. We bought them a little over a year ago and really can't imagine our family without them. We had been wanting a set of Chihuahuas for the longest time and when we found them we could not pass them up.

Mike and I watch Penn and Teller Bullshit on showtime. It's a great show, funny and very witty. Penn and Teller basically debunk popular theory and make a lot of people look like idiots. Welove it. Anyways, that's who our dogs are named after incase anyone was wondering.

Penn is the Black and white one. He reminds us of a mini siberian husky with his markings. He's really the sweetest dog. Very cuddly and protective. He wants all the attention and has to be in the middle of everything. He's a total lover. He's also a pig and will eat ANYTHING!

Teller is more quiet. He doesn't care if you shower him with love, he just wants to be by you. He's a little bit shorter than Penn and definitely chubbier. He takes his time with everything including eating. He inspects every bit of food like he's looking for poison. He's Mike's dog for sure. He mopes all day until Mike get's home from work. As soon as Mike sits in his chair, Teller is right there on his lap ready for a nap.

The boys love the girls. They will let the girls cradle them like babies, and love to cuddle with them whenever they can. They're crate trained and sleep in separate "condos" every night. But I'm sure if given the choice they'd choose to sleep with the girls. We're so lucky to have such great dogs.

I took this video tonight because my boys will do anything for pupperoni. Penn can jump really high and Teller cha cha's. It's super cute.

Have a great night. Maybe I'll have a good topic to blog about tomorrow ;) I'm off to get the coffee pot ready for tomorrow morning. It's all about the planning! Good night!


Penelope Anne said...

YAY for the boys! I LOVE THEM! the cha cha is hysterical - too funny! and I especially love the sidewalk chalk art on the ground! hee hee XO

Penelope Anne said...
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Melissa said...

Thanks chica, I had to do the vid outside because my husbands playstation was too loud. LOL He's my biggest kid!