Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Come on foot, don't fail me now!

It has been a hectic last few days and it isn't going to slow down! I have been tearing up my garage and house like a madwoman getting ready for my garage sale on Fri and Sat. If you're in the area, stop by. I have lots to get rid of. Seriously. A garage full of stuff to get rid of. I have been folding, sorting, pricing, cleaning, and painting garage sale signs to post on the street corners in our neighborhood. Luckily my girls are great helpers and have really given me a hand.

So garage sale this weekend and then ( Dun dun duuuun) I go back to work. I do miss work, but at the same time I've been enjoying my stay at home status. I knew it would only be for the summer so I'm prepared for the heart ache. I hope my girls are too. School starts on the 24th so a few weeks at home with Grandma shouldn't be that bad.

Also my stupid foot is KILLING me right now. Ugh, I know I shouldn't be abusing it right now, but I have so much to do before school starts. I've got it up right now, and in a bit I'll take my magic pill that takes all of my aches and pains away.

Oooh before I forget, my family loves Yahtzee, Sorry, and Scrabble and Hasbro knows how much we love family game night. So much so that they're sending my family the new Scrabble Slam card game and a few surprise games for me to review and also to make familygame night even better. I'll let you know what comes as soon as it gets here. I'm super excited, I am a board game NERD.

Have a great evening. I am going to take that pill and crawl in bed. Good night!

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