Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Holy heatwave Batman!

Let me start off by saying IT IS HOT HOT HOT in West Texas! So hot in fact, that mom, the girls and I just got home from a milkshake run to Texas Burger. The high today was supposed to be 103, but the temp reader in my trusty toyota suggested otherwise when it immediately read 105. I'm a true island girl, raised on the beautiful island of Guam where it's warm year round and even I can't stand this heat. At least back home you could spend the day at the beach free of charge and cool off that way. Oh, how I miss my island home.

In other news I gained a new follower and it is no other than Supermom herself! I have known Supermom for a few years now, and met her on the AOL message boards when AOL was all the rage. She blogged on myspace for a bit and then started her own blog called " The adventures of Supermom". I have been a faithful reader ever since. If you haven't checked her blog out, peep over to the right of your screen and there you will find the link. Seriously, look now! I love her blog for several reasons. She is straight up and honest in everything she writes. She's open to her readers questions and also listens to her readers suggestions. She shares recipes, grocery shopping trips, and her everyday life that includes her husband and 4 kids ranging from a teenager down to a toddler. She is also very honest when it comes to herself personally sharing her trials with post partum depression, her opinions on breast feeding, and whatever else crosses her mind. She also reviews products, books, and TV shows with out spoiling them for her readers. I Heart Supermom and hope you take the chance to read her blog, I promise you will not regret it. She's incredibly funny too.

I think I have been doing a decent job as a new blogger. I know it's probably pretty boring, but I too am on summer vacation. Besides Maia's birthday and the 4th of July... nothing else has really been going on. Although I try to blog at least every other day for the few people that read this, I don't want to lose my few readers by blogging what time I woke up and what was on TV everyday. I'm trying to keep it interesting, if not funny. Hang in there with me, it will get better.

Tomorrow I'm baking an apple pie Grandma style. My grandma made the BEST apple pie I have ever had. It was blue ribbon, and won her lots of new appliances :). She passed away though in 1997 and my mom has been teaching me so I can carry on the legacy of Grandmas apple pie. I'm going to take pictures and blog step by step instructions for my sister and cousins on the Stinson side. If anyone else is interested, the recipe isn't top secret so you're free to give it a try too.

That's it for now, Mike will be home from work soon and dinner must be made. I'm thinking chicken alfredo with broccoli with a small salad. No bread, I'm trying more veggies, less starch and carbs. That's hard, I love bread, but I need to lose some weight too. (After I just said I was going to bake a pie :O)

Adios, until next time!

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Supermom said...

WOW!!!!! I can comment now. Thanks for changing that around. It's a common problem in the blogging world. Not being able to comment with the embedded forms.

Thank you for the SHOUT OUT! I am glad to know that people actually read my blog.

You're a total ROCK STAR!

I'd like to give you a warm welcome into the BLOGGING BABE GROUP!!!! If you have any questions you know where to find me.

Michelle :)