Friday, July 24, 2009

One week down...

...And one more to go. In the granny orthopedic shoe I mean. My foot is feeling so much better, and despite wearing my shoe in the rain it really hasn't been that bad. The part I really hate is when someone asked me what happened and I don't have a great anecdote for them. Just hopping off the bed is all I can say and then I get the look like " You need to lose some weight" or " How high is your bed?".

I've set a date for my garage sale and will be so glad to unclutter my garage. I'm hoping to get enough money to buy the girls a lot of really cute school clothes and new tennis shoes without the help of my debit card. I have lots of clothes, 3 tv's a couch and other miscellaneous items that could surely be treasure to someone as it is my junk.

Last night I had to call the BFF Emmy after seeing that her facebook staus was "sad". Of course I don't want my best friend sad without me trying to find out why or do my best to cheer her up. What kind of friend would I be if I ignored that the happiest girl on Earth was sad. Anyways, poor Em had to put her cat Jewel to sleep and it was very hard for her. Jewel was 6 yrs old and suffered from epilepsy and a few other medical problems. Em rescued her when she was just a kitten and in my opinion gave that cat the best life she could have had. Unfortunately Jewel had a stroke and just couldn't recover although she fought a damn good fight. RIP Jewel.

Animals easily become family. For my 28th birthday my husband took me to the pound to pick out a dog and I adopted the sweetest black lab puppy and named her Annie. She was so smart and sweet, and we all loved her. She had puppy moments that drove us crazy but she was a good dog. Sadly 5 months later she was hit by a car in the alley behind our house. We were devastated, I had never lost an animal before. Let alone so suddenly. It was hard, but we got past it. Last June we got Penn and Teller and could not imagine our home without them. They're the boys Mike and I never had.

On another note I received 3 tins of the coolest bandaids today called "Ouchies". I read a review on and contacted to company to see where I could buy them. They contacted me back right away and offered to send me some to review. They sent them quicker than my kids could get a boo boo so a review will have to wait. For now they're under lock and key because the kids already wanted to get into them.

I hope everyone has a great day. I'm off to run my errands and get ready for a weekend of garage cleaning. Wish me luck!

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