Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Love you like a sister.

Senior Year we were in a Chamorro play called " Ai haga hu" ( Oh my daughter)

We too casual senior pics together

I have the best, best friend in the history of best friends. I'm sure that's true for everyone with a best friend, but mine is as far as my history of best friends go.

I met Emmy in 1994 when we were freshman in high school. I was sitting in 5th period math and in walked the new girl, Emmy. She had on a Marvin the Martian t-shirt and purple/blue cross color pants.( Y'all remember cross colors?) It was Chamorro week at school so no one was giving any work due to all the festivities. I was playing a card game with a few classmates and invited her to join us. I soon learned she will try anything once. She didn't even know how to play the card game and she kicked our butts, beginners luck! The next morning she walked into my 2nd period English class and we were inseperable after that.

When I met Em, I was definitely heading down the wrong path. My friends were wannabe gangsters and I wont lie, I wanted to be too. Looking back, we were total idiots. But she showed me I could change. I ditched my friends and spent allof my time with her. Her mom was the drama/ English 12 teacher at our school and that's what got me hooked on Drama and Theater. I did a total 180! Joined Drama club, auditioned for Theater, and although we did some things our paretns wouldn't approve of we were still pretty good kids.

We both love to sing, and can carry a tune for the most part ;) Senior year we put a band together and joined the talent show. WE sang Alanis Morisette's 'Ironic' and won 2nd place. Later that night at our favorite cafe' a guy pointed to us across the billiard room and yelled " Hey those chicks can sing!" It was awesome.

Em has 1 younger brother who of course I conside my little brother too. Her parents are also the sweetest people you will meet. Her dad has been a wonderful father figure for me since I lost my dad when I was 11, and her mother is a great mom. Even when she was my teacher I called her mom. If I ever need a mom and mine isn't around, I can always rely on my Momma C.

In 2000 I got married and had my first baby. I was the first person in my circle of friends to do this so not everyone was supportive. I had 3 friends that didn't look at me funny when I walked into a room, Em was one of them. When I had Micaylah she bought me the biggest boquet of flowers and rushed to my house when she learned I had just checked out of the hospital.

I also moved in 2000, away from Guam to Texas. It was harder saying goodbye to Em than it was to my family. When would I see her again? Well it's been 9 years and I still have not seen her but I talk to her every week. If we go days without speaking, that's too long. Since I have moved, she got married, and recently had her first baby. I wished I could have been there for her when she had Adelaide, but it wasn't meant to be. She even named Ade after me, well my middle name anyways. I love that little Adelaide Rose, she's a doll.

Some of my best memories include Emmy. We did everything together and told eachother everything.She even introduced me to my first boyfriend, and we held eachothers hands through our first broken hearts. We used to stay up late at night drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes on the roof of her house, or my kitchen floor talking about nothing. When she turned 18 before me, she waited for me to turn 18 a few moths later so we could have our first legal drinks together. ( Guam drinking age is 18) Had our first corporate america jobs together too.

Ever see Beaches or Romy and Michelle's high school reunion? That's us. I know her by heart and am so blessed to have her in my life. She's more than my best friend, she's my sister and I love you Em!

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MomStinson said...

Hey Missy! It's Aunt Sher. Yeah I'm blog surfing. I'm too lame to have my own but I like to check up on people I care about through Allie's blog. Sorry to hear about the toe. I broke my big toe once and now I have arthritis in it. I broke it by kicking Adam in the butt for smartmouthing me when he was about 14. Unfortunately I wasn't wearing shoes and he just laughed at me. Give your mom a hug for me!