Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow day 2010

Snow days are rare her in Odessa, so we take full advantage of them! The kids across the street invited my girls out to build a Texas sized snowman! They had a lot of fun and I even had to help them life the body because they made it so big.

Maia Making snow angels. She had so much fun, little things like this totally make her day!
Our backyard covered in a smooth white blanket of snow. So pretty!
Front yard, just as pretty as the back!
Lastly, everyone wants to see mom with her new hairdo... or hairless do. She loves her no fuss make over, and I think she looks great!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ya better knock on wood baby!

Mom started chemo on Monday and I have been amazed at how great she's doing. Seriously, AMAZED!! She did chemo Monday, Tuesday and again today and besides the fun stories she's told me from her "people watching" at chemo, she's the same. No serious side effects, no vomiting, no fatigue and no loss of appetite. I'm knocking on wood that it will stay this way during her 6 months of treatment. I am so proud of her, her strength makes me stronger.

On another note, we actually got about 5 inches of snow yesterday and they called school off. The kids had a blast playing in the snow with the neighbor kids. They even constructed a huge snowman. I'll post pics as soon as I load them on the laptop. Have a great rest of the week!

Keep those prayers coming, they're totally working!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ok I figured it out!

Please support The Pink Ladies team for Relay for life!

There is even a Zombie lap!

Last week my BFF started a Relay for Life team on Guam in honor of her mother Georgia, a breast cancer survivor. I was so inspired that I too decided to start a team. My mother od course is a cancer survivor/current fighter, My MIL is a breast cancer survivor, and I have had several family members fight a lose battles with cancer. Cancer is a heart breaking disease and I do not wish the uncertainty, sadness, and fear that comes with cancer on my worst enemy. Relay for life is basically an overnight walk, run, ride, a-thon. They start with a survivor lap, and then continue in shifts overnight into the wee hours of the morning. That's the Zombie lap! As long as your team has someone on the course every shift, you're in good shape.

Our Relay for Life is scheduled for 6/11/10 at the Odessa College track and I am beyond excited. If you would like to support my team, or join it send me an email at mel(dot)lopez27(at) or if you're my friend on Facebook you can support or join by clicking on the Relay for Life button on my profile. As soon as I figure out how to link Relay to my blog, I will do that too.

I will keep you posted on the progress of Mom and team Pink Ladies! We are already $10.00 INTO OUR $1000.00 GOAL!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Time for an update...of sorts.

Sorry I've been MIA. Things lately have been so busy with dr appointments, work, my girls and my girls activities. I'm doing my best but it's still a tad overwhelming. So enough with excuses, let's get this update rolling shall we?

I guess I should start with Mom since she's the most important thing right now. The past few weeks have been quite exhausting, and that's putting it nicely. At the beginning of the month mom went to a Cardiac Specialist who of course ordered a battery of tests and determined she had Congestive Heart Failure and ordered a Angiogram. She did great with that and luckily, despite the weak state of her heart, she has no blockages and no need for heart surgery. Hallelujah!! After the cardiac work up, it was decided that surgery for the lymph node biopsy was too risky and her oncologist ordered a local core biopsy instead that didn't require anesthesia. She had that done 2 weeks ago and yesterday we got the results.... the cancer is Hodge-kins Lymphoma which is a good thing. Non Hodge-kins is terminal in most cases and we feared that Mom's cancer could be the NHKL. I'm thanking the Lord that it isn't. Mom will finally start chemo on Monday and although the road to remission is going to be rough, at least we are finally on it! And she will go into remission again, I'm thinking positive and only positive.

Valentines day came and went. I've read on other blogs that I follow how romantic, or magical their Valentines days were and mine was just like any other day. My husband is the "I'm not falling for the commercial holiday hoopla" type. He says he doesn't need a day on the calendar to shower me with love and gifts... and he doesn't. I did get him a card and a movie, and I went to a P.S. I Love You workshop at the kids school and made them Valentines that their school delivered to them along with little teddy bear grams. THey loved them! My hunny did take me out to lunch at one of our favorite places Johnny Carino's and it was so delicious. Our 10th anniversary is in 2 weeks and all I know is that he better show me some love for that!

The kids are doing great. They have been girls scout cookie selling machines! We've had cookie booths almost every weekend. KB is still doing Choristers and loving it. She is learning a lot of new songs and I can tell with every practice that she get's her gift from my side of the family. I'm just saying..ha ha! Lil Miss going to start cheerleading in the fall and she's thrilled. She loves to dance and yell so it will be perfect for her.

I guess I've covered everything worth mentioning, I hope you are enjoying your weekend.. they're too short as it is.