Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday already?

That was my first thought when I woke up to my husbands screaming alarm clock! Another week down, and I only have 3 weeks left of summer vacation until I head back to work. One of the joys of working for the school district is that I get the same vacations as my kids. Cool huh?

This weekend was pretty uneventful. Friday night we went to Gamestop so Mike and Kaylah could look at games. Kaylah ended up with some bella sara horse game for her DS. We tried to talk her into something else but it was her money and she wanted THAT game. What could we do? She likes it alot and can apparently unclock codes for her online bella sara account.

Target is next door to Gamestop so I took Maia there to spend her birthday money. She found a bratz doll and her mother set on clearance for $12.00. I do not like the bratz and have always told my kids, if you want one, save your money. I'm not wasting my money on those skanky barbies. Seriously! Again it was her money, what could I do? She did buy a set of presidential flash cards that already include Obama. This year in kindergarten she learned about the presidents. She can tell you who had stomach problems, how many presidents died on the 4th of July, and lots of other facts, I didn't even know. I know every mother thinks her child is a genius, but mine could very well be. She amazes me daily and says some of the funniest things. How lucky am I to have 2 great kids?

Saturday, I was dying to get out of the house minus my kids. Every mom needs alone time and after being in all week with my kids, I seriously needed some me time. My husband was so sweet and told me to take my mom to the movies and he'd take care of the kids. I didn't argue and told mom to get ready! We ended up catching a matinee of "My sisters keeper". I won't spoil anything for you if you have not seen it, but you'll need something to dry your eyes so grab extra napkins at the concession stand, or bring your own kleenex. You'll definitely need it. Even the man sitting next to me was balling, and sniffling. After the movie I picked up Pizza for dinner and settled in for a quiet night at home.

Sunday was quiet and boring too. ( We're boring people I guess) Mike's friend Mike came over for their Sunday hanging out ritual and we watched the new Friday the 13th that I rented from the redbox. I washed numerous dishes, did laundry, watered the yard. See, boring. I did pick up some fried chicken from Albertsons last night, cooked a pot of rice and made finadeni for dinner. My kids are so Chamorro, they loved the finadeni and rice.

Today will probablly be fairly quiet. Cleaning and a trip to the grocery store. I'm not sure what to cook for dinner but Arroz con pollo sounds pretty good! Have a great day everyone!!

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