Thursday, July 9, 2009

Love letters

Oh how I love a good love letter! 12 years ago when I met my husband (online) we immediately started emailing eachother. Emails turned into handwritten letters and soon after that, phone calls. I couldn't wait to check the mail everyday to see if I had another letter from him. Usually one would be waiting for me (Cue Mr. Postman in the background please). My heart would race everytime I held a new letter in my hands. They were epic letters, sometimes as long as 5 pages front and back and almost always included a little surprise for me. He'd jot down a poem for me at work or tear the petals off a rose and fold them into the letter. Can you see yet why I'm so head over heels for him?

For over a year we emailed, wrote numerous letters and called eachother several times a week. I may not have been able to see or touch him in person, but I knew him and he knew me. When he decided to leave Texas for Guam I wasn't scared to meet him, in fact, the minute I laid eyes on him at the airport I knew that that was it for me. And as they say, the rest is history.

Now that the "how we met" is out of the way back to love letters. I have every letter Mike and I wrote eachother, every Email, every phone card. When my grandma passed away in 1997 we were unable to go to California for the funeral so a few of her things were sent to us by my aunt to remember her by. My favorite... you guessed it love letters! My grandma and grandpa wrote love letters to eachother. A fat stack of loveletters written in pencil on yellowed paper. They're beautiful and romantic. I'm not clear on why they were apart to cause such letters, but either way I'm grateful to have them.

My mom and dad also wrote love letters. My mom with her beautiful penmanship and my dads chickenscratch with his black government issued click pen. They were only seperated by a few hours drive but my mom was in high school and my dad worked. He'd drive up on weekends but write a letter for nearly everyday he was away from her, and so did she. I didn't know about these letters until long after my dad passed away but I love that I can be a witness to their courtship through these letters.

I've been married for nine years now and love letters have turned into surprise emails or quick text messages, but they still quicken my heart. I can't wait to share three generations of love letters with my daughters and I pray that one day one or both of my girls experience the thrill of sending and receiving a love letter.


Supermom said...

Awww! I love getting snail mail. Sadly I don't anymore.

Thanks for sharing!!! Hang onto those wonderful letters!!! said...

oh so cute ;) i'm excited to read your blog and get to know you all better! sad cause we're family, but true huh! can't wait to hear how the pie turned out...i just got your text cause we were out of town!

Jada Chapman said...

nice how i never got to0 read, have or see love letters...