Monday, September 21, 2009

Ugh! Stupid Internet connection, I loathe you at this moment as I type this post on my iPhone!

Today I am home from work because lil miss has the flu! We spent the better part of our Friday night at the pediatric after hours clinic. I initially thought she might have appendicitis because of her high fever and right side tummy pain. Luckily after throwing up several times the tummy pain went away. The poor Dr was so puzzled by my girl that he finally decided to swab her for flu, she tested positive. Since she has asthma and was vomiting the dr said she was at high risk for flu complications and prescribed Tamiflu right away. He also ordered 5 day house arrest and no contact with Grandma.

I'm happy to report she is on the mend. Still not fever free, but no vomiting or wheezing since Friday night.

On another note, our pediatrician up and moved without letting us know! She has treated both of my girls since they were babies. I don't know where she went, but I wish she would have reccommended a new pediatrician, at least!

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wow thats crazy...weird that she would just leave without any notice...hope she gets feeling better soon!