Monday, September 14, 2009

Family Reunion pictures

The ride to Rankin was pretty dull and educational. I learned that there are NO pumpjack shortages in West Texas.
My adorable nephews J and X. Check out the spiffy t-shirts!
My MIL Gloria with my sister in law's two youngest kids Kristen and Derek, and Lil Miss. Yes, Baby D's shirt is on backwards.
My lil Miss taking a whack at SpongeBob!
Lil Miss with her cousins Aliza and X.
The two oldest grandkids, My KB and My neice Sam.
The water slide was a huge hit with the kids.
Our family picture, minus my husband and his youngest brother.
The long, ride home. Even though there wasn't much to see, I enjoyed looking out the window finding beauty in our little corner of Texas.

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