Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Are you ready for National Family Game Night?

Be sure to mark your calendar for Wednesday, September 23, so you can be a part of the first-ever National Family Game Night! On this day, Hasbro is encouraging families across America to spend an evening at home playing games together to reconnect and re-energize relationships.

A few weeks ago Hasbro was nice enough to send us a few of their new games to enjoy. SpongeBob SORRY!, Scrabble SLAM, and Crazy Old Fish War. With National Family Game Night just a couple weeks away I thought this the perfect time to post my review.

SpongeBob SORRY is a riot! It still has the competitive aspects of traditional SORRY and somuch more. Each card has new rules, for instance the 12 will tell you to move your lead pawn directly home. It's great. You can choose from 4 characters. Squidworth, SpongeBob, Patrick or Mr. Crab and their home on the game board is just like their home on the television show. My girls had a blast looking for all of the characters. I think your kids will too! If you give SpongeBob SORRY a chance, you won't be SORRY.

Scrabble SLAM to me was like the card game SPEED. Everyone agrees on a 4 letter word and just slams down one card at a time to change the word to another 4 letter word. I thought it might be hard for my 6 yr old, but she surprised me. Both kids had to think and really use thier spelling skills to play. Lil Miss was pulling out words like KIND, and SUCH. I was very impressed. KB pulled off some doozies too with TRIM, SLUM, and PINT. I enjoyed this game because while having fun with my kids, they were using thier minds and learning. I highly reccomend Scrabble SLAM. I'm sure it could be fun for adults with the unlimited 4 letter options, but this is a family blog for crying out loud ;)

Crazy Old Fish War was by far our favorite. Hasbro took 4 great card games and sandwiched them together to create this wonderful game. You have fish cards, mermaids and wild cards. The fish cards are colored and numbered. This is where crazy eights comes in. You have to play a card that matches the previously played card and if you do not have that color and fish, you can either play the same number to change the suit or throw down a wild Octopus 8. If you can't do either you may draw, or go fish by asking another player if they have a certain card. (Are you confused yet?) When you are down to your last card you have to yell out the name of any fish to let the other players you only have one card left. During play you may also use a Old Mermaid but be careful. Using this card means you can change the color, but you then have to draw 5 cards. Hardly seems fair! At any time a player can declare WAR with another player. When WAR is declared each player must throw down a card, and the highest number wins. THe winner puts thier card in the play pile and the loser returns thier card back to their hand and has to draw another card. If there is a tie, keep throwing down cards one by one until someone wins. If you have an Old Mermaid, it plays like an Ace in WAR and automatically wins the war. I know it probably sounds so confusing, but like I said, this is the favorite of my girls. My kids are 6 and 9 and both had no problem getting the hang of it. It's truly a fun game and my kids ask to play it all the time.

All three games are available at your Wal Mart, Target, Toys R Us, and online at

A huge thanks to Hasbro for sending us these wonderful games to play. Family game night is a fun activity my kids enjoy. They learn to lose without tears and win without gloating.

So save the date for the first every National Family Game Night. Dig out your favorite games ( or purchase some of the above), pop some popcorn and settle in for a night of family fun.

If you do join in on NFGN, I'd love to see pictures and hear all about it!

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