Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pass the Lysol please!

I know that bad things usually come in 3's but this is ridiculous! Last Friday Lil Miss was diagnosed with the Flu, followed with me on Tuesday. She went back to school Wednesday and I spent the rest of the week forbidden to go to work and laid up in bed.

Finally today I woke up fever free and mildly achy as opposed to super achy all week. I thought to myself " Cool, now I can enjoy my weekend with my family out of bed." Today we went to the mall to have lunch at Fuddruckers, then to Target to pick up an FM transmitter for my hubby's iPhone. We came home and took a catnap. I'm still not 100% where my energy levels are concerned. At around 7 I picked up pizza, planning to play games with them tonight. When I came home from Little Cesars KB was in the bathroom complaining of stomach pain. She seemed ok after using the rest room and ate pizza and crazy bread... which she just finished throwing up moments ago.

See in 3's I tell you. Luckily no fever or body aches so I don't think it's the flu. It's probably just a tummy bug and I'm crossing ever apendage I have in hopes that the geyser also known as KB doesn't blow again tonight.

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