Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Third times a charm... I hope!

For starters, I have been trying to publish a new post for the past few days and my internet has been a real pain in the you know what! Thank goodness I have an iPhone, otherwise I would have been going through major FaceBook withdrawals. I really hope this post gets published!

I have been back to work for a few weeks now and although it has been crazy busy, I enjoy being back among my co workers. The kids started back last Monday August 24th and so far both of the girls love their teachers. KB has a male teacher this year and she thinks he's really funny. Lil Miss has this adorable teacher who is adorably short, but don't let her height fool you, she's a tough cookie and perfect for my Lil Miss! The pictures above are from the first day of school, the kids were up at 4:30 am! Yes, insanely early, but I know it was just first day excitement. All I had to do was fix Lil Miss's hair! My big girls did the rest.

Friday I turned 30. Work had me so busy I seriously came out of nowhere this year. The excitement really wasn't there but my wonderful husband fixed that when he took me shopping for my birthday present. A new flat screen and dvd player for the our bedroom with a 20th Anniversary collector's edition of the Princess Bride on DVD. What can I say, I love my man.
When I got to work Friday my desk was decorated with Happy 18th Birthday signs that I LOVED! I work with 65 other people and have nearly 600 kids at school who all took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday. My coworkers bought me lunch and just before noon and beautiful bouquet of flowers was delivered courtesy of my bosses and the Secretary.

Sadly on my birthday I ran over a screw and got a flat tire so my husband and the kids picked me up from work. Mom cooked dinner that night and afterwords Mike took me on date to the movies. We watched Halloween 2 ,(Not my choice but I rolled with it) it was gross, scary and the perfect reason to bury my face in my husbands chest. All in all it was a great birthday.

I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday, I'm beat and have a hot Ghost Hunters date with my husband tonight. Night!

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