Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mission Possible

Last Monday at girl scouts a special visitor made a surprise appearance. Can you guess who that was? Yep, it was Santa Claus. I do have a point here. Lil Miss told Santa that she wanted a sparkly Michael Jackson glove. When I found that out I had asked a friend, " Where on Earth am I going to find a Michael Jackson glove this close to Christmas" to which Lil Miss said "No mommy, you don't have to find one, Santa will get it for me." Little does she know...

So I set out yesterday on a mission, a mission to get the materials needed to make my girl a sparkly Michael Jackson glove. First I headed to Hobby Lobby to find the perfect sparklies and the right way to attach them. I ended up with a bag if silver sequence and jewel to fabric glue. I would have bought rhinestones but they were too expensive.

Next I had to find white gloves. I knew I wouldn't find white dress gloves without spending a fortune so I headed to dollar stores to find white winter gloves. After 3 dollar stores I finally ended up at Walgreens and just as I was giving up, I found the white gloves I needed.

I'm going to make her glove tonight, if I can get the girls to sleep at a decent hour. I can't wait to see her face Christmas morning when she see's that Sparkly glove hanging out of her stocking! I promise to take pictures.

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