Monday, August 3, 2009

Say in isn't so!

Is today really and truly my LAST day of summer vacation? Sadly it is. I've really enjoyed being a stay at home mom again. In a lot of ways I'm ready to go back to work, but not ready to leave my girls when they still have 3 weeks of vacation left. I'm sure my husband is ready for me to go back to work. It was killing him that I was home and still getting paid while he had to work.

Friday and Saturday I had my garage sale. I did pretty good considering I didn't sell my couch like I was hoping to. I got rid of a lot of the kids clothes and shoes and some of the adult clothes. I really thought more of that stuff would go. I guess it's pack it up and take it to goodwill time. I really don't want to hold on to that stuff for another garage sale. The rain stayed away too which was nice.

Tomorrow is registration for school. Every year we have to register our kids. It gets tiring, but ensures that the most current information is on file. It's just a headache for me because I do ALL of the data entry for the school. I'm not so new at it with this being my second year with the district, so I'm hoping it goes much faster this time around. I also have to register my kids so that means digging out birth certificates and shot records, social security cards and a current utility bill. Taking those to the kids school and then filling out a huge packet of paperwork for each kid. Sheesh, I'm tired just typing that out.

I plan to keep up with Much ado, and not let it sleep between the cracks of work and homelife. My posts might be fewer, but definitely juicier since I'll have more things to write about.

Enjoy your Monday, I will be hoping that it goes by very slowly!


Penelope Anne said...

YIKES! My kiddos dont go back until the 25th - Krystal can't wait but the boys want to stay out forever! GREAT about your yard sale!!!! XO

Melissa said...

Mine go back on the 24th. They are so ready too. I'm ready to send them back and extend my vacation! said...

wow...doesn't sound like fun! i'm glad raquel doesn't even walk yet...looks like i have lots to look forward to!!!

Supermom said...

Oddly, mine haven't mentioned school YET!!!