Monday, August 10, 2009

You spin me right round, baby right round!

Whew, what a weekend!

Friday morning I woke up bright an early, brewed a pot of coffee and as I sat down to enjoy my first cup my best friend Emmy called. She's on the other side of the world and it was almost midnight so I knew it wasn't to chat about anything good. Unfortunately her mother in law had passed away suddenly in her sleep that afternoon. My poor BF, my heart broke for her and her family. It broke for Adelaide who is too little to remember her Granny. But lucky for Ade, Emmy and David will be able to remind her with photos and stories of how much she loved her first grandbaby. I know this passing is hard for Em and her family, and how I wish I was on a plane to be by her side. It isn't possible, but Em knows my heart and prayers are with her always.

Later that morning we headed to the beauty salon for makeovers! I already posted pics Friday so you know how that went. We had a blast and Zorina has magic hands, seriously! If you're in the Midland/Odessa area and are looking for a hair dresser, she is awesome!

We came home to drop off Mom and meet my husband for a late lunch. Afterwords we headed out to go school shopping. I cringe at school shopping. The kids argue with me about clothes and supplies. Especially KB, so this year I decided to let her pick all o her clothes and shoes out herself. She had a blast going through Target picking out what she wanted. Each of the kids got 4 outfits at Target and all of their supplies and I only spent $120.00! Woo hoo! Then we headed to Ross where the girls picked out a lot of really cute tops and jeans. I grabbed a few things for myself as well. Lil Miss found a pair of shoes she just had to have and KB found the ugliest Fergalicious hightop shoes. They're in right now, and she wanted them so who am I to say no to my 9 yr old finding herself? 8 shirts, 1 Jacket, 2 pr of jeans, and 2 pr of shoes $108.00. I love Ross!

Saturday Mike took us to lunch at Fuddruckers and we walked around the mall for a bit afterwords. I took the girls to payless and they each found another pair of shoes, both on clearance! Then we went to Claire's to look for earings and other accessories. They were having a great sale so each girl picked a set of earings and sunglasses. A girl has to accessorize! Then we went back to Target to get the underwear we didn't buy the day before. 2 packs of chonies and a pack of socks for both KB and Lil Miss. THen I had the sad experience of buying my KB her first real bras. She's been in a sports bra for the last year, but she really needed a big girl bra :( She picked out 2 really cute ones and even got one that came with clear straps for her spaghetti strapped tops.

I love to shop, but I was so drained by Saturday night I didn't want to hear another cash register! Sunday morning my husband asked if we wanted to go to brunch and who am I to turn down food I didn't have to cook? We ended up at Golden Corral for some good food and the company of his friend Edward. We had a great time, followed by a trip to Hastings and then home. I cleaned house and played numerous games of "Crazy Old Fish War" and "Spongebob Sorry" with Lil Miss. It was a good Sunday.

Today I have a lunchdate with an old coworker. She's a great lady and I haven't seen her all summer so I'm looking forward to it. Have a great Monday everybody!

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