Monday, August 17, 2009

Just another...

Manic Monday, Ohh ohh. You know the words, sing along!

Work has been insane. Do you know how much work goes into a new school year? Unfortunately I do. Preparing for registration, having registration, endless data entry, endless phone calls, staff development and giving the teachers class lists that are always subject to change. There's more, but after today that's all I can remember at the moment. Maybe my husband will give me a back rub. I can wish right?

The kids start school Monday so it's back to our school schedule. In bed at 8pm, no deviating. Even though my kids are almost 4 yrs apart, they have the same bed time. KB is really hard to get up in the morning, and Lil Miss is a breeze and eerily perky. You can imagine how our mornings play out. Me getting ready for work, waking up 2 kids and getting them ready for school, hunting down last minute papers, grabbing lunchboxes, and whatever else we might need that day and heading out the door by 7:15. I drive the kids to their school, and then head to my school. I'm tired before 8am. But that's just the first week of school. Once we get back into the groove of things, mornings are a breeze.

I still have to type up my reviews for Hasbro! I promise to get it done before the weekend. I'm so excited about "Crazy Old Fish War". It's really a lot of fun. Lil Miss is the best card game partner.

Sadly, I have nothing else to offer at the moment. I hope everyone has a great week! Good night, and good riddance Manic Monday!

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Penelope Anne said...

well honey boo! can we get to friday already! (((SIGH)))) LOL! I still have another week b4 school starts here!