Friday, August 14, 2009

Say what?

Remember when I had to work registration on the 4th and 5th? I was sure that my official start date was the 10th of August. When I went to school to work registration the secretary said " No you come back on the 14th. She assured me she was right and I just thought, "Cool, a few more days off!" All that went to crap when I was cleaning house Wednesday and the secretary called me to inform me I was to report on the 11th... Hello, it was the 12th! I had already missed a day and a half of work!!! I dropped my mop and headed to work, where luckily my principal just laughed at me and reminded me I need to read my contract better next time. I was closer to right about my return date than the secretary. Next school year I will listen to no one and tattoo my return date on the palm of my hand. I am not a repeat offender.

So yes, I have been at work since Wednesday and I'm already tired. The few days before school begins is always hectic for office staff. I feel like a chicken with my head cut off I had 50 things going on all at once. I barely found time to catch my breath! I'm so glad it's the weekend!

Yesterday while at work I a huge package arrived from my Emmy on Guam. I knew the kids were dying to see what was inside, and honestly so was I. I hurried home after work so we could tear into it. Can I just say OMG, I seriously have The Best BFF ever. Each of the girls received 2 backpacks and a lunchbox. Maia's backpacks are super cool Hello Kitty and Micaylah's are very rockstar with starts and pink and black plaid. Both girls were in heaven. They were also spoiled with stationary sets, wallets, diaries, pencils, picture frames, candy, and clothes! Auntie Emmy and Uncle David outdid themselves! My birthday presents are awesome too, a brand new pair of Scott flip flops, a Fokai t-shirt and Fokai decals for my car, 6 shiny new Guam quarters, Candy and my 2 favorite snacks Meiji chips and asparagus crackers. Seriously like 80 bags of meiji chips and 80 bags of asparagus biscuits. I'm in snack heaven right now!

Tomorrow my cousin Lorraine is getting married so we all have to get up early and get ready. I went tonight and got Maia and I new dresses. I must say I love my dress. I'll post pics after I get all dolled up. I better run, I have toenails to paint, and hair to curl. Have a great weekend everyone!

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