Sunday, February 27, 2011

The good die young.

I don't know who came up with that saying, but it sucks that it has proven true too many times in my life. At 4;30pm Guam time, the body of Steven Alcantra was recovered in Umatac Bay, he was 31 years old.

Sigh, I am so sad thinking about my friend Steve, and disappointed in myself for losing touch after I left Guam in 2000. Steve was a kind spirit and the type of person that always had a smile on their face. I attended Jr high and High school with him and for those 7 years, whenever he's see me in the halls, he would always stop and give me a hug. I remember the chili bowl haircut he had in 9th grade that ended up growing into a bob. On rival day he wore the uniform of a rival all girl catholic school. I teased at how "pretty" he looked in the uniform and he just smiled and flashed me some leg.

Steve was a Baseball star on Guam and my cousins and friends loved cheering him on at Paseo Stadium. In fact the last time I saw Steve we were celebrating a championship victory on the beach. I was very pregnant at the time and when we left the party he gave me a hug and wished me luck. I'll never forget you Steve. Rest in peace my brother, may the Angels guide you to your eternal home in heaven. Give my dad a hug for me.

Lord, thank you for bringing Steve home so that his family may lay him to rest and find some peace in this terrible tragedy.

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