Friday, March 25, 2011

Say Cheese!

Last Sunday my coworker and dear friend Tracie got married. She had the cutest wedding with lots of fun stuff that I would have never thought to find at a wedding. There was an adorable candy bar loaded with different candy and equipped with individual bags for everyone to fill with their favorite candies.

There was also a super fun photo booth! They had tons of props to play with and each session took 4 photos that printed out in dual strips. One set for the happy couple for their album and another set for the models. As you can see my coworkers and I had way too much fun with this photo booth. I also took some pictures with my Godmother Bobbie who was visiting for spring break. THe pictures above are of me and Bobbie.
My coworker Michelle and her cutie pie Eli. He's the star of these pics for sure!
My crazy coworkers Annalisa and Debbie.
Me and Bobbie again getting our GaGa on.
Joe Dirt and Foxy Brown. I love my coworker Susan! She's so much fun!

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