Friday, June 18, 2010


Sorry it has taken me so long to post! Things have been hectic with mom and trying to get the house in order before my aunts arrive from Guam for a visit. For starters I promised a surprise and for those of you not on Facebook here you go! Maia and I cut and donated our hair to Locks of Love. I had made a deal with a coworker to cut our hair for LOL as soon as summer vacation began. When i told Maia what I was doing she immediately wanted in. HEre are a few pictures. Above is a picture of Maia holding her two 13 inch braids. I love her haircut, but most importantly I'm very proud of my selfless girl. A woman at the beauty shop nearly cried when she heard we were cutting Maia's hair. She begged me not to do it, and do you kno what my 6 yr old said? Let me break it down for you:

Random Lady: Your hair is beautiful, are you getting a trim?
Maia: No, I'm cutting it all off for Locks of Love.
RL: Oh no, please don't it's so beautiful and shiny. Please don't do it.
Maia: My pretty hair will make a pretty wig for a little girl with no hair at all. My hair will grow again.

What's not to be proud of?

Here's a picture of me with my long hair.
And here I am sans the 11 inches the hair dresser cut off!
And finally our hair all clean, braided and ready to send to LOL. Maia's Braids are the ones at the top of the photo. If you're interested in donating your hair to Locks of Love it really is a worthy cause. Here are a few requirements for donating hair. Hair must be clean and dry before sending it to LOL. Ponytail or braid must be 10 inches or longer. All hair types and colors are acceptable. No over processed hair that has been bleached or damaged by other chemicals. Also If you tell your stylist that you are cutting your hair for LOL, they will usually offer you a discount on your haircut, mine did :)

Besides cutting off all of out hair, things have been pretty quiet around our house. Mom has been ill off and on, in need of blood transfusions and lots of rest. I promise that I am taking awesome care of her.

Maia is so pumped for cheerleading! SHe can't wait to get her uniform so that she can try it on and parade all over the house wearing it. She is going to be the cutest Mini Peppette ever!

I guess that is it, the rest of us have been pretty boring the past few weeks. KB passed 4th grade and was promoted to 5th. Mike is always at wok, and when he's home he is playing Super Street Fighter 4 or Modern Warfare 2. And I, am just trying to enjoy my summer vacation and keep my kids from killing each other. I hope all of you are enjoying the warm weather, cold pools and airconditioning this insanely hot summer. Avoid the heat and I will be back soon.


The Savage said...

I'd donate to locks of love but considering I shave my head frequently and I am going bald that would be a tough one to do.... I wonder if they take back hair... hmmm said...

your hair is so cute! you guys are so great ;)