Monday, May 3, 2010

Much ado reviews Ouchies Jr.

A couple weeks ago Ouchies sent us their new line of Jr bandages to review and my kids were thrilled to see Olivia on the tin! Lil Miss LOVES Olivia and these were an instant hit. Her favorite had to be the " I always feel Olivia-ish". Super cute right?

I can't say enough good things about these fun bandages. My kids run straight for the Ouchies when ever they get a booboo and understandably so. Just picking the right design for their booboo distracts them from the hurt every time. I love the adhesive, even on a sweaty 6 yr old, it stays on like a gecko walking in the ceiling.

Ouchies are fun for everyone. Whether you're a boy or girl, young, teen or in your 30's you will love these bandages. To find an store near you, or to order online head on over to the Ouchies Website and check em out. I promise you'll wish you had a Owie so you could don one of these awesome bandages. THank you Ouchies for the awesome opportunity!

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