Saturday, May 21, 2011

Where do I begin??

I swear I'm still alive and well! I promised myself that I would do good by this blog and I have failed miserably. To my few readers, I apologize profusely!

Where do I begin?? Life is hectic as usual, and with summer approaching quickly (One more week) I am bogged down. Not only am i neglecting my blog, but the to do list I have for my house is ridiculous. I have so many plans for the house this summer. Cleaning from top to bottom is number one on my list. Followed by getting rid of the clutter! I totally need to re-organize my kids room and rip their carpet out along with their ceiling fan. With bunk beds.. and ceiling fan is not the best fixture in a kids room. I have nightmares where I find Maia dangling from a moving ceiling fan because it looked fun. Yep, that sucker has got to go.

I'm making some big changes in my career. I DO NOT want to spend the rest of my life working for peanuts! So I have decided to go back to school to be a nurse. I have always had a passion for the medical field and although I know it will be hard, I also know I CAN DO IT!! I know in my heart that I will be an awesome nurse, and thankfully my family is really supportive of me going back to school. I'm hoping to start in August, so wish me luck!

Michael as usual is working his tail off. He works late, goes in early and hardly complains. He works so hard, still finds time to pick the kids up from school, spend time with us on the weekends, go to church 3 times a week and play video games. (haha) I fell very lucky to say that he is all mine. I could not have asked God for a better husband.

The girls are very ready for this school year to be over. Micaylah passed both the math and reading TAKS so she will definitely be promoted to 6th grade. I cringe at the thought of having a 6th grader! Maia qualified for the Gifted and Talented program and will begin attending a GT campus once a week for the entire school year in the fall. She is looking forward to the new adventure. She's a smart girl so I'm sure she will fit right in. The kids can't wait to go swimming, stay up late and sleep in!

My father in law has been in and out of the hospital since January when he was diagnosed with a rare cancer Angiosarcoma. The past few months have been a real trial for him and for our whole family. It has been one jacked up roller coaster ride. Right now he is at the MD Anderson cancer center in Houston and has been there since Easter. The Dr's have tried chemo and so far noting has worked on his grapefruit sized tumor. The tumor is growing in his right hip joint so he is in a tremendous amount of pain. The dr's actually have him on methadone for the pain, it's crazy! We are basically in limbo right now not knowing what the Dr's have planned from this point on. Dad goes to the Dr Monday and this appointment is crucial. This is the appointment where he finds out if the Dr's are going to continue chemo, or send him back home to Odessa. Please say a prayer for him. We need a miracle in the worst way right now.

Again, I apologize for the neglect. I will try my best to do better ;)

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you guys are in our prayers...hope everything is ok with your father in law, so so hard