Monday, July 26, 2010

Much ado reviews Spinbrush My Way!

Each package comes with more than 140 (water-safe!) stickers, including:
  • Letters (pink and purple: for spelling out their name or nickname!)
  • Adorable animals (puppies, bunnies, ladybugs and birds)
  • Fun phrases (Girls rule, XOXOXO, Glam Girl)
  • Cute rainbows, flowers, peace signs and hearts (who doesn't love those?)
  • And for your little princess-- or rock star-- there are themed stickers as well!
It's been proven that kids brush 38 percent longer with a battery-operated Arm & Hammer Spinbrush for Kids toothbrush. Plus, with a $6.99 price tag and a jeweled purple on and off switch, you can't lose!

Several weeks ago I received a Spinbrush My way in the mail. I decided to give it to Maia for her birthday so Micaylah wouldn't feel left out that she didn't get one. She LOVED it. It was the first present that she "played" with. She immediately used the entire sheet of animal stickers, added her name, and rushed to the bathroom to brush her teeth! I love that she was able to personalize it her way. The spelling of her name is uncommon and we will probably never find pencils, note pads, etc. with her name on them, so she loved that we all knew that this was Maia's toothbrush.

My only complaint about this toothbrush was the battery was dying right out of the box and replacing it was a chore. The screw head is so tiny I had to use a eye glass repair screwdriver to change the battery. But once it was changed my girl was happy as a clam brushing her teeth.

Unfortunately, the Spinbrush My Way is only available for girls right now. However, if you have a little girl, she would love this toothbrush. If you cannot find the Spinbrush My Way at any of your local retailers, never fear! It is available for purchase online at their website for $9.99. There is also a downloadable $2.00 off coupon. I was able to download and print the coupon to purchase one for Micaylah with no problems.

* The Arm & Hammer Spinbrush My Way was sent to me free for review. I was not paid to review this product.

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