Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bittersweet doesn't even come close.

Whew, what a week. With 2 Thanksgiving dinners and my daughter turning 10 tomorrow it has been busy to say the least.

Wednesday we did our "family" Thanksgiving at my mother in laws house. I was in charge of all the deserts and made blueberry crumble, peach crumble, banana pudding and a lemon pie. My mother in law did the rest of the cooking and everything was yummy. I enjoyed the company of my husbands 2 younger sisters, my brother in law and his wife and the numerous nieces and nephews running around. I especially enjoyed seeing Mo and Po my husbands grandparents. They're wonderful people.

Thursday I got up and started my cooking. Our menu was as follows: Turkey stuffed with onions and garlic, herb stuffing, giblet gravy, sauteed fresh green beans and carrots, mashed potatoes, rolls, and broccoli rice casserole. For dessert I made a fruit salad with macapuno, pumpkin pie and a friend brought irony cookies. Inside joke, sorry. SHe brought homemade white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. I did 99% of the cooking and enjoyed all of it. My husband invited his friend and his family over, and another friend who has no family here to join us. It was nice and quiet. THe food was delicious and the company was good.

Friday morning I headed out around 11am to get a few things. Target had really nice crock pots for $19.00 and easy bake ovens for $16.99 so I had to get one of each. Then Hastings had $8.99 bluray's. Wal mart had the whole Miley Cyrus collection on sale and with KB's bday Sunday I had to get a few things for her. I also picked up some great movies. Some were $2, others $3.99 and one was $10. I'd hate to say what I bought since KB reads this and she'd def spill the beans.

So now my vacation is ending and it's back to work Monday. This vacation was such a tease. Really, it was. Tomorrow is KB's 10th birthday and it really makes me sad. Sad that my baby girl is really growing up, she's in the double digits now and before Iknow it, she won't want to spend time with me like my little one does. It's all downhill from here. Not really but 10, come on! I wish I could freeze time for a little bit and not have my daughter grow so fast.

Ok now that my rant is over, I did allow her to have a slumber party tonight. Hana and My neice Sam are here and they girls are having a blast. I can her Miley Cyrus "Party in the USA" blaring from my iPod so that's a good sign. I'll have to send them to bed soon becasue we have a date to see NEw Moon at 11am. My girls are so excited to see it. Tomorrow evening we're having a small get together here with Pizza and Cake. It should be a good time.

I hope everyone had a wondeful holiday, Christmas is just around the corner!

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