Monday, January 17, 2011

Why am I up on my day off??

Really??!! I should be in bed enjoying my holiday, but waking up to kiss my husband goodbye was well worth the early bird status!

This weekend was fantastic! Friday night some friends from church had a kids only fellowship at their house. We dropped the kids off at 7pm and headed to Red Lobster with mom in tow to have a nice dinner. We haven't had Red Lobster in ages so it was a treat. It was also good to get mom out of the house. She hadn't been anywhere since last year ;)

Saturday I woke up early and headed to Target to get a birthday present and a movie Mike has been wanting. It was nice to get out by myself even if it was only for an hour. Around 2 we headed to Midland to attend a 2 yr old birthday party. THe kids played, ate cake and watched Elizabeth open tons of presents. HEr parents are good friends of ours so it was nice visiting with them after not seeing them for 4 months. Afterwards we headed to Ghengis Grill for an early dinner. We absolutely LOVE Ghengis Grill. It is the best Mongolian BBQ I have had in years! Nothing beats Top o' the Mar on Guam, but this comes in Second. No contest.

Sundays are always amazing! We went to church at 10 because Mike and I love Sunday school. The kids do too and we feel it's important that they attend their Sunday school because they don't always understand the sermon during Sunday service. After church we had fellowship with our Pastor and his wife, chuck and Nicole and their 3 daughters, and our friends Ninfa and Ray at Tequila Tony's. The food was great, but the company was even better! Afterwords I took the girls to a birthday party at the bowling alley where they bowled, ate cake, played games and just had fun! Then it was back to church for evening service. After praise and worship Pastor showed us a video showing all of the awesome works God is doing all over the world. It is such a blessing to be a part of The Potter's House, knowing that souls are being saved all over the world. Since Michael and I have been saved, it has been the most wonderful experience living for Jesus. He has blessed my family abundantly and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

The busy weekend was great for the kids. Right now their grandpa is hospitalized in Dallas and is VERY missed by his grandkids. He has been diagnosed with a very rare cancer of the bone called Angiosarcoma. It's a nasty disease, but we have faith that with prayers and the help of the Doctors that he will be healed and have more time on this Earth with us. He's a wonderful man and an outstanding father and grandpa. Please say a prayer for his healing, it would mean a lot to my family.

I hope that all of you enjoy you MLK holiday. I am going to grab a cup of coffee and watch a movie while my kids are still asleep :)

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