Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our team is WHAT? DYNAMITE!!!

This year I put Maia in the boys and girls club tackle football league as a Mini Peppette Cheerleader. I was hesitant at first but my friends insisted it would be great fun for my kiddo and the whole family and it definitely was. Maia had so much fun and was so focused on learning her cheers and dance routines, I was impressed! She cheered her little heart out for the 4th grade Gonzales Steelers and I couldn't be more proud. This is the first activity that I have put her in that she gave 100% and really loved.

In October all of the Mini Peps and cheerleaders were invited to Dance with the Odessa High School Showgirls at one of the OHS football games at Ratliffe Stadium. WE were all excited becasue we had never been to a Texas high school football game. It was so much fun. The girls danced their little hearts out and OHS beat Midland Lee High 38 to 21!
Me and my little Showgirl during the game.
These crazy kids in white overalls and red knee high socks ran these flags up and down the track after every touchdown. So cool!
Don't mind my kitchen, just look at my little star :)
Our boys made it to the Championship game at Ratliffe, and although they didn't win we are all so proud of our Steelers! Here's me and another cheer mom Jo cheering our kids on!
My girl cheering on the stands at Ratliffe.
And here she is cheering on the field. Go Steelers!

Our boys getting ready to enter the field through the run through sign.
Maia at her very first football game. I love this kid!

I haven't uploaded pics from the awards ceremony or the girls end of the season party, but they did win a trophy for Best Sportsmanship Overall. They beat out 20 other squads for that title!

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good job Maia "I LOVE YOU",