Thursday, March 18, 2010

I hate playing catch up!

Did I ever blog about KB winning 3rd place at her school science fair in February and that she scored high enough to advance to regionals? Well she did and to regionals she went and competed against kids from 22 other counties. We were so proud of our girl. She didn't win at regionals, but Mike and I were proud parents none the less. We ended up taking her out to Carino's for a celebration dinner. Poor lamb, she was upset that she didn't place, but we encouraged her that just being there was a achievement and she should be proud of herself. That did the trick!

Lil Miss has been a real whine bag the last few weeks! I don't really have a nicer way of putting it. She whines for everything, EVERYTHING! I love her with all of my heart, but if the whining continues, I will put her up for auction on ebay. I have tried time out, sending her to bed early, talking to her like she's a big girl and even a swat on the hiney. The other night I copied everything she said and whined just like her too. She hated it and told me that my voice was breaking her ears. When I told her that she sounded the same way she stopped, for the rest of that night anyways. I guess it's a phase and this too shall pass, I just hope it passes soon!

Mom is doing wonderful. It irritates me that she was so miserable and with just a few meds and a doctor actually listening to her that, that was all it took for her to do a complete 360. She's finished her second round of chemo this week and still hasn't had vomiting or really any side effects except the hair loss. We have spent every day this week at Dr appointments and all have had nothing but good news. We saw the cardiologist today and he said she's doing great and he'll see her in 6 months! I'm so proud of the fighter she is, and so lucky I have her to look up to. I do worry that the heart failure is hereditary since nearly every woman on moms side has had heart problems. It's a little scary, but it's something I plan to keep an eye on for my own well being.

The kids and I have been on spring break since Friday and although it has been filled with daily dr appointments, it has been nice not having to go to work. Sadly my house is still in shambles, but at least the mountain of laundry has been tackled and is almost completely obliterated. I've spent much needed quality time with my kids and mom and have cooked dinner every night! Tomorrow I'm taking the girls and meeting a few of my coworkers and their families at the hockey game. Hockey has become our guilty pleasure, we can't get enough. We are so excited to go to the game, eat hotdogs and cheer on our beloved Jackalopes!

I hope everyone is blessed with fun, love and laughter this weekend. xoxo

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