Saturday, June 27, 2009

Test run

Well, I haven't blogged in awhile but this seems to be a surefire way to keep in touch with family and friends not so close by but close to our hearts.

I'm on summer vacation from work right now, thanks to my lovely school district job. I'm enjoying the time with the girls, but I am not enjoying this heat. It is HORRIBLE. I have never sweat so much, and that's bad considering I grew up in the tropics of Guam and the Philippines.

Mike unfortunately works for the real world and doesn't have the time off that I have. Luckily he's a Scrooge when it comes to his vacation days so I'm hoping we can take a day trip to Lubbock and get a change of scenery. We've had the Sequoia for 14 months now and the farthest that best has taken us was Andrews to get Penn and Teller. Don't get too excited, Andrews is barely an hour drive and there is NOTHING to be seen on the way but crop dusters and the occasional cow.

Tomorrow is my sister's birthday. Happy Birthday Jada! Last year Jada and her kids spent just under two weeks here in Odessa with us. I had not seen my sister and niece in 10 years and had never met my nephew. Vice versa, she hadn't met my husband or kids so her visit was definitely overdue. She was here for her 30th birthday and we had chocolate cake and good times. I miss my sister, Cassia and Deion so much. It will not be another 10 years before I see my sister again!

Speaking of birthdays, Maia is turning 6 on Wednesday July 1st. My baby is going to be six and I can hardly believe it. She has grown into quite the little lady. She's so bright and funny. Today mom sprayed her with a spray bottle to cool her off and she said " Wow Grandma, you're inventive." From the mouth of babes. I went shopping @ Target for birthday presents and it was so hard. What do you get for a 6 yr old genius? I ended up buying fun things for my little mensa. Polkadot sidewalk chalk, Yahtzee Jr. Disney princess edition, Little Mermaid game for her DS, an outfit and a Mitchie doll from Camp Rock. It's not a lot, but she's easy to please. Wednesday we're having Thai food at Maia's request, and her Tita Susie from the asian Deli is making her Pancit ( for long life) and a carrot cake from scratch. Maia doesn't like carrot cake, but this is seriously the BEST CARROT CAKE in the world! She can eat her pink pirate cupcakes ;)

Micaylah is finding herself more and more bored these days. All she wants to do is play video games or get on the computer. I don't mind those activities in moderation, but she wants to play all day only stopping for the bathroom and food. I am looking for vacation bible school, and any other activity to keep this girl entertained and off the Wii. If you have any suggestions, just throw them out there via comments or email.

I guess this is it for now. I hope everyone is well and enjoying their weekend. Be back soon!

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